Fynn & Louie Dribble Bibs

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Dribble bibs designed by Fynn & Louie are made of 100% cotton. They feature a gorgeous cotton print on the front and absorbent toweling on the back. With two snaps on each side, three different sizes can be made from the one bib! They are also turned and top stitched for extra durability.

These three bibs are stacked directly on top of each other so you can see the size difference by just adjusting the snaps!

Here you can see the double snaps on each wing! How cool is it to have one bib that you can make three different sizes! :D

Fynn & Louie dribble bibs are absorbent but not waterproof. They are designed this way to prevent dribble soaking through to baby's clothes, but are required to be changed once the cotton front gets too wet to avoid dribble rash on baby's delicate skin.

Dribble bibs can also be used when feeding solids but please note that colours from food may stain the fabric.

Only use dribble bibs when baby is supervised. Remove when in the car, sleeping, and in other situations where you cannot directly see baby.

To fit approx. 3 months - 3 years.


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